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Assessment Task 1 Manage Finances Within a Budget & Develop and Use Complex Spreadsheets Questions Part A When formatting and designing a spreadsheet, what are five (5) key aspects relating to the presentation and readability of data? Answer: Explain the term ergonomics and provide one example of a typical organisational requirement relating to ergonomics in the workplace. (in 70 to 80 words) Answer: If a person is working at a desk for long periods of time, an organisational requirement may be to break every 40 minutes. Explain how a worker can incorporate this into their job design. (in 50 to 60 words) Answer: Identify three (3) typical organisational requirements that would relate to being sustainable in relation to spreadsheet production? Answer: Using the table below, identify key aspects of organisational policies and procedures relating to the production of complex spreadsheets. Organisational policies and procedures Keys aspects in relation to spreadsheet production Privacy and confidentiality policy File management procedures Style guides Workplace Health and Safety Policy and procedures When developing spreadsheets, you will be continually testing the formulae to check for accuracy. Identify two key methods used to carry out testing on a spreadsheet, providing examples to demonstrate your answer. (in 70 to 80 words) Answer: Part B List eight (8) examples for financial records Answer: List four (4) different types of budgets. Answer: Name two (2) financial reports you might generate from your accounting system to check your budget against actual income or expenditure. Answer: List three (3) things you need to include in your budget report, to give the decision maker enough information to do a clear cost versus benefit analysis of the budget request. Answer: When revenue variances occur, why should you talk to the staff to help identify, and find options to address the issue? Answer: List two (2) factors that can cause variances in staff budgets. Answer: List three (3) colleagues you may advise if you noticed that there were deviations between your budget and your targets. Answer: List two (2) ways you might research new approaches to managing your budget. Answer: Name an accounting program you can use to help manage budgets. Answer: 10. Every income and expense item on the Profit and Loss Statement should be compared to what? Answer: