topic: studying the fantasy genre.Genre Paper: You have started reading the literature on your genre and picking out films that you are going to watch. For this update:

  • Read two more scholarly sources and provide a summary of each article.
  • To write your summary, first watch my video titled Third Project Update and Analyzing Articles  in the project module.
  • In your summary, get detailed!  Most likely, I haven’t read the article so include enough details that I can understand what it is about from your summary. Provide a citation and specify what style guide you are using before each summary. Then in each summary, make sure to answer all of the following questions.

First: What type of piece is it?  e.g. report of author’s research, review of a field, meta-analysis, or?Second: What is the thesis?  i.e. what is the one main take home point the author is trying to make?Third:  What are the author’s objectives? e.g. why did they choose to write this piece; what is their research question; is it a good problem selection?Fourth: What are the most important claims and conclusions?Fifth: What kinds of data and examples are used to support those claims? e.g. original data, factual, statistical, literary, anecdotal….Sixth: Is the article convincing and persuasive?Seventh: What are the weaknesses of the work?  You should always be able to find a weakness or something that could have been done better.

  • Finally, now that you’ve read three articles, list 2 things that you have learned about the genre and which source you learned it from.