1. In Lola’s narration, how does she feel about leaving the Dominican Republic and moving back to New Jersey? What changes her mind?

In the rest of the chapter, we get the details on Belicia’s parents and her own early life. Summarize those details through answering the following questions:

2. What were Belicia’s parents like? What were their professions and status in Dominican society at the time?

3. What is the main issue that Abeldard, Belicia’s father, faces in this chapter? How does he initially deal with it?

4. What is the difference between how Abeldard’s wife Socorro reacts to this issue and how his mistress, Lydia, does?

5. What does Abeldard do that leads to is arrest and imprisonment? What is the official reason that is given?

6. What happens to Abeldard’s two oldest daughters while he is in prison?

7. What happens to Belicia after Socorro is killed?

8. How does La Inca find out about the existence of Belicia? What motivates her to rescue the child?