Your answers need to provide evidence that you have read the case
thoroughly and that you can apply the course concepts using the facts of
the case. This assignment must be no more than 6 pages long, double-
spaced, in Times New Roman font with 1” margins

1. What problems was General Electric struggling with during the 1960s
and 1970s? How did Reg Jones try to fix these problems?
2. How did Jack Welch move to fix the problems that Jones was dealing
3. What is your assessment of Welch’s tenure?
4. What was Immelt trying to achieve at GE? What is your assessment
of his tenure? What were the positive aspects? What didn’t work and
5. What are the challenges now confronting Flannery? What should he
6. What does the GE case teach you about how to create value through
corporate diversification?