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EDAS 640

School Improvement Plan: Part A – Vision Evaluation,
Development, And Revision Assignment Instructions

The School Improvement Plan (SIP) is a project whereby you will demonstrate your ability to support student learning and development by making data-driven decisions, setting goals, and developing effective strategies to accomplish those goals. The multiple activities of the SIP are to be unified. Each activity is to relate to the others.

You will complete this project using a school of your choice for evaluation.
You will use the same school for each SIP assignment, preferably one in which you are currently employed.

This project will be completed in five parts over the course of three separate assignments, as seen below:




Module: Week


Part A – Vision Evaluation, Development, and Revision

School Improvement Plan: Part A – Vision Evaluation, Development, and Revision Assignment

Module 2: Week 2

Needs Assessment

Part B – Data Collection, Analysis, and Goals

School Improvement Plan: Parts B & C – Data Analysis and Goals Assignment

Module 4: Week 4

Part C – Relation to the School’s Vision

Improvement Plan

Part D – Resource Management

School Improvement Plan: Parts D & E – Implementation Plan Assignment

Module 5: Week 5

Part E – Implementation and Monitoring Progress

In Module 7: Week 7, you will combine your completed Parts A – E into a final culminating assignment to be submitted to both Canvas and LiveText.

For this Part A portion of the project, you will evaluate an existing school vision and propose one that focuses on values, equity, diversity, and community. Your completion of this assignment aligns with National Educational Leadership Preparation (NELP) Standard 1.1:

Program completers understand and demonstrate the capacity to collaboratively evaluate, develop, and communicate a school mission and vision designed to reflect a core set of values and priorities that include data use, technology, equity, diversity, digital citizenship, and community.


In a Word document, complete the following steps. Include title and references pages. Current APA formatting is expected throughout the assignment.

1. Vision Statement: Select a school’s or district’s current vision or purpose statement and report what it is. School or district vision statements are typically available on the school or district’s website, policy manuals, or handbooks.

2. Evaluate the Vision: Compose a written evaluation of the statement, commenting on its strengths and weaknesses. This section must be 200–300 words. To assist you in evaluating the vision/purpose statement, consider using the questions below as a guide.

a. Is the statement clear and understandable by all involved?

b. Is the statement brief enough to be remembered (generally 100 words or less)?

c. Does the statement clearly answer what, who, how, and why?

d. Does the statement reflect the distinctive competence of the organization?

e. Is the statement wide enough to allow flexibility but narrow enough to maintain focus?

f. Is the statement the template by which all decisions are made?

g. Does the statement reflect organizational values, beliefs, and philosophies?

h. Is the statement realistic enough to be achievable and simple enough to be understood?

i. Is the statement an energy source and a rallying point of the organization?

j. Is the statement one around which celebration can and will occur?

3. Development: Propose a revised vision. Focus on priorities that include values, equity, diversity, and community.

4. Review and Revision Plan: Assume that the vision statement will periodically be reviewed and updated. This section must be 100–200 words.

a. Describe the process in which multiple stakeholders would be collaboratively involved in revising the statement.

b. If the school does not have a vision statement, develop one that is attentive to the above elements of values, equity, diversity, and community.

c. Describe the process and who would be involved in creating a vision statement.

d. Include opportunities for developing a comprehensive plan for communicating the mission and vision to stakeholders.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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