Journal Assignments Description (online)

60 points total

You will complete 6 journal entries in this course, worth 10 points each. These will be submitted to Blackboard, but you are encouraged to keep a written journal for yourself as well (building your individual leadership skills, understanding, and practices). There are due dates listed in the Course Schedule but you are welcome to complete journals before the official due date. I would suggest completing a journal that corresponds with the particular chapter we will be discussing each week, but that is your choice.

The purpose of this assignment is for you to gain a deeper understanding of your personal leadership aspects, skills, qualities, traits, depth. It will also be helpful for you as you write your final reflection paper at the end of the semester.

What to put in your reflection:

Once you complete an assessment/activity from the list, you will write a short reflection of how the assessment/activity and results relate to you personally. If you want to be more broad, you can just write a simple response of what that particular assessment/activity meant to you. Did you agree or disagree with the results? Why/Why not? A general guideline for length is 300-500 words.

To submit a journal entry:

· Enter Blackboard

· Click on Journals and find the correct one for that submission (numbered 1-10 – due dates on Course Schedule)

· Title your entry by the title in the book with the chapter and assessment. (Example: Leader’s Self-Insight 3.1)

· Type your response into the text box or upload it.

· Hit Submit

Grading Criteria for Journals:

Journals are graded based on quality of content, not on your specific response. Example, if you disagree with something, that is fine. Your grade is based on your ability to process and reflect on the information provided in the assessment/activity. You should always relate what you found in the assessment to your personal life, future goals, career path, etc. 

List of Accepted Assessments

2.2: What is your leadership orientation? pg. 47

3.1: T-P Leadership Questionnaire: An Assessment of Style pg. 69

3.3: Measuring Substitutes for Leadership pg. 90

7.1: Power of Followership pg. 203

7.2: Are You an Annoying Follower pg. 207

12.1: Transformational Leadership pg. 364

12.3: Your Leadership Orientation pg. 379

4.1: The Big Five Personality Dimensions pg. 103

4.4: What’s Your Thinking Style pg. 118

5.1: Mindfulness pg. 143

5.2: Emotional Intelligence pg. 153

11.1: Values Balancing pg. 329

11.2: Social Values pg. 342

14.1: Working in a Responsive Culture pg. 436

14.2: Culture Preference Inventory pg. 445

14.3: How Spiritual Are You? pg. 451

6.1: Ethical Maturity pg. 172

6.2: Your Servant Leadership Orientation pg. 180

6.3: Assess Your Moral Courage pg. 184

9.2: Listening & Asking Questions pg. 270

9.3: Do You Speak with Candor? pg. 273

8.2: Your Approach to Motivating Others pg. 242

8.3: Are You Engaged? pg. 248

10.2: Are You a Contributing Team Member? pg. 307

10.3: How Do You Handle Team Conflict? pg. 315

13.1: My Personal Vision pg. 402

13.2: Visionary Leadership pg. 404

15.1: Resistance to Change pg. 466

15.2: Are You a Change Leader? pg. 470

15.3: Do You Have a Creative Personality? pg. 477