Microeconomics Discussion Board Assignment – No format needed Topic:  There is a long history of conflicts between management and unions.  Find an example of where the conflict lead to a lockout or a strike.  Summarize the following in your own words:  1)  Who was the conflict between (ie. name of company and union); 2) approximately when did it occur (year); 3) an approximate number of workers involved or affected; 4) what was the primary issue(s) or conflict; 5) did a strike or lockout occur and if so how long did it last; and 6) what was the outcome.

Required:  State the answers to the above questions in bullet format.  Be sure that you are writing it in your words.  Copying from the article or website is plagiarism and will result in a 0.  You must also cite the where you located your information (ie. author, name of the article, publication, website (link us please), etc.  When you go to post your answers to these questions, put the name of the company in your subject heading of your post.  There are lots of examples of these conflicts, so no one should need to repeat the same example.  Look at what has already been posted, then find a different example.  First come, first serve basis on the cases.

Note: “I agree” is not a constructive reply.  You must move the conversation forward.  More extensive participation will be noted.

Grading Criteria:

Minimum summarizing the answers to the 6 questions above using unique case in your own words:  70 points

Minimum 2 constructive responses to classmates:  20 points

Spelling, punctuation, grammar, following directions:  10 points