Examination of a specific subject with recommendations of solutions. You are tasked with examining a current (within the past 3 years) diversity issue that is prevalent in today’s economy and workforce. choose a company or organization and identify a particular issue that is affecting (pros and cons) the company, and its apparent approach to managing the potential issues. Examples of diversity issues are a lack of minorities and women in leadership, inequal pay, and hiring discrimination, and examples of well-known companies struggling to maintain diversity include Google, Facebook, Amazon, and numerous large banks and tech companies. While these examples offer a starting place, you may select an organization and issue that interests you. outline is below:

  • Introduction: State the name of the chosen organization and the basis of the diversity issue facing the company. State the profile/bio of the company, including name, leaders, mission and vision statement, and the corporate responsibility statement that includes their stance on diversity.
  • Key Issues: Identify the key issues of the problem, and write a solid thesis statement in one to three sentences. Describe the problem and the significance of the issue’s effect on the overall organizational mentality.
  • Background Information: Incorporate relevant issues and detailed facts of the problem. List one to five factors of a potentially problematic issue.
  • Alternative Solutions: Provide possible solutions for the problem. Outline the most viable solution for each factor of the problem, and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages.
  • Answer to the Problem: Summarize a realistic answer to the problem. Justify the rationale of the solution, explaining why the solution is the best, supported with solid evidence.
  • Recommendations: State-specific strategies to accomplish the solution. Provide further actions and the outline of the implementation plan of the solution. Two pages