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My Article Analysis for [Topic]

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My Article Analysis for [Topic]

STEP 1: You have chosen an article based on its usefulness to your search and topic. Please provide the complete citation (in APA 7 format) for your chosen article from Step 8 of your Search Strategy assignment.

Article citation:

STEP 2: First, share your research question from the table you filled out for your Search Strategy assignment.

Type your research question here:

What specific points does the article make that will assist you in writing a paper that addresses your research question? [Please write at least two complete sentences.]

Type your answer here:

STEP 3: Using the general evaluation criteria described in Week 3, explain how the article you selected meets the qualities that are important in the
Evaluate stage of information literacy. The qualities to consider include quality, accuracy, relevance, bias, reputation of the author(s), and credibility of the information resources. You may not be able to comment on each quality, but please share your overall assessment of the value of the article using the criteria described in Week 3. [Please write 2 – 3 complete sentences for your selected article.]

Share your explanation here:

STEP 4: Point to an example in your article in which the author(s) do one of the following:

· refer to another work to give legitimacy to their own point;

· refer to another work to build upon the ideas of others; or

· refer to another work to challenge its argument.

Explain in two sentences how this reference to another’s work contributes to your confidence in the value of the article and helps you to form your own ideas about the facts.

Share your explanation here:

STEP 5: In this final step, demonstrate your ability to capture the essence of your chosen article and how it illuminates important points about your topic.

For your final requirement, write a three-paragraph essay that is structured like this:

· In the first paragraph, introduce your topic and your research question. Briefly summarize the main point of the article.

· In the second paragraph, describe how the article informed your research.

· In the third paragraph, state what you’d still want to learn. Explain how you might alter your search strategy to get to the information you are missing. Provide a conclusion about your progress.

Please remember to cite any quotes or specific ideas with a
correctly formatted “in text” citation. Please provide the reference citation for your article on the next page for References. [This template is intended to provide a shell that you can adopt for future papers if they are to be formatted in APA 7. ]

Please type your three-paragraph essay here. [The reference citation will go on the References page (it is on the next page) as required in APA 7 format.]


[ Please follow the rules for a References page with double-spacing and hanging indentations. You will only include the single article you chose to analyze. Here is a handy short video to

help you set up your Reference page

. ]

You are finished! Thank you!!