For college writing, originality is a critical component. When you carry out a piece of academic work, you will be expected to research your subject thoroughly. It will be necessary for you to show an understanding of the contributions of other researchers and practitioners to your field of study. Keep in mind that plagiarism isn’t simply inadequate use of citations, it represents inadequate thinking. This project requires you to develop your own business idea instead of copying and pasting sentences and paragraphs from various websites. 

A submission with a similarity score above 40% and a Turnitin report indicating evidence of plagiarism will result in a 0 grade for the project and potentially an F grade for the course. 


  1. Think of an entrepreneur currently in the news, or someone you admire. What qualities and traits does that person demonstrate that make him or her entrepreneurial? Are those traits different today than they were in the time of Ford and Edison? 
  2. How are the current economic, political, and social environments of today different from those of 125 years ago? How are they similar?
  3. Does demand have to precede supply, or can a company create demand by creating supply? What do you think were the significant events that created demand for automobiles back in the early 1900s? Are the concepts of supply and demand different today than they were in Ford’s time? 
  4. Can a corporation act ethically? Do you think that Ford should have paid a higher price for cheating in the 1909 race? If so, what would that be, and how would it be assessed? Do you think Ford’s anti-Semitic beliefs should tarnish his reputation as an entrepreneur? Why or why not?

500 words minimum (word count excluding the above original questions and bibliography–please do not copy and paste the questions as it will affect the similarity score).

Submit your work using the Turnitin link below. 

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