In industrial psychology, we call particular qualifications that are enforced in hiring because they are reasonably necessary to the success of a business or enterprise “BFOQ’s” or Bone Fide Occupational Qualifications. An example of a BFOQ would be limiting your selection of a star for a documentary about Korea to an individual who is Korean. Although it is illegal to hire on the basis of race, being Korean may be a BFOQ when hiring for a documentary about Korea.

In 1991, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) brought charges of sexual bias against “Hooters” restaurant chain after identifying approximately 1,400 male applicants who had been turned down for jobs as bartenders, hosts, and waiters by Hooters. Hooters management argued that its employment policy (to hire women) is necessary to maintain the restaurant’s image and that the gender restrictions are BFOQ’s. They argued that the idea of “Hooters guys” just doesn’t make sense.

Do you think that being female is a justifiable BFOQ for Hooters’ waitresses? Why or why not?

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