1. Review the following tabs within Information Literacy Module:
Evaluating Sources:

a. A Political Sliding Scale
b. A News Media Sliding Scale
c. A News Reporting Sliding Scale
d. What are we up against?
e. Visual Literacy

2. Then, review the following webpage, “Defining Different Kinds of

3. Then, choose a topic of interest to you and find three articles that
represent three different views or perspectives on the topic. (Some
scales or perspectives as indicated in the Information Literacy Module
include 1) Liberal — Mainstream– Conservative; 2) Original Fact
Reporting & Analysis to Opinion; 3) Objective Unbiased Reporting to
Fake News).

4. Then, write a paper of 3 double-spaced pages or 750 words that
evaluates each of the three articles. In your evaluation, discuss the
following questions for each article:


i. What type of person seems to have written the work?
What kind of authority is the author? (ie: Student? Expert?
Academic? Journalist? Government official? Moral
authority? Personal authority?)

ii. Where do you think the writer’s knowledge stems from?
iii. What qualifications does the author have to talk

authoritatively about this subject?
iv. Does this source incorporate other sources? (are there

quotes or citations?)
v. Would you use this source for a paper you are writing for

a class? Why or why not?

5) Be sure to cite the source that you are evaluating in APA or in MLA at the
end of the document.

6) Be sure to defend your argument with evidence from the source. When
referring to evidence from the source, use MLA parenthetical citations or
APA parenthetical citations.

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