EDAS 647

Case Review Assignment Instructions

After reading Chapter 1 in La Morte’s
School law: Cases and Concepts, complete the following activity:

Write a case brief using the outline for each of the cases listed below. These are basic cases impacting education. It is important that we understand that these cases are precedent-setting cases. So much of current law rests on these and many others. You may use any law review site you wish. Please make certain

to cite all relevant information
and review the rubric carefully to ensure that you have met the criteria for each heading. Your submission should be in APA format and be submitted as one document. Each case review is to be at least two pages in length.

Include the following
headings in each of your reviews.

1. What are the Facts of the Case?

2. What are the Major Issues of the Case?

3. What was the Rationale Given about the Case?

4. What were the Holdings from the Judges?

5. Present Your Reaction to The Case?

For Module 1: Week 1, you will review:

Case Scenario: Kiryas Joel v. Grumet, 512 U.S. 687 (1994)

Case Scenario: Rosenberger v. University of Virginia, 515 U.S. 819 (1995)

Case Scenario: Lukumi Babalu Aye v. City of Hialeah, 508 U.S. 520 (1993)