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Popular Media Evaluation Paper

An evaluation paper is a type of paper that allows the writer to make value judgement on a
particular topic.

In this assignment, I would like you to consider the following bioethical issue: The Federal
government mandating that all US Citizens be required to receive COVID-19 Vaccination. You
will discuss the case in terms of the principles of ethical behavior you have learned in this

In your assessment, you will examine the case for the following:

1. Scientific basis

2. Reasoning

3. Critical Thinking

4. Compliance with ethical practice or ethics

5. Individual rights

6. Government policy


Scientific Basis (15%)

Reasoning (20%)

Critical Thinking (15%)

Compliance with ethical practice or ethics (20%)

Individual Rights (15%)

Government Policy (15%)


3-5 pages; Approx. 1500- 3000 words; MS Word or pdf format
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