write 600 words for case study solution

Case study: Mechanical failures in Toyota automobiles 

Problem – When the organization disproportionately rewarded managers for cost-containment versus sustaining product quality, it created the incentive for everyone involved to ignore the facts and to deny that a problem existed. 

Use theory to justify potential solutions to the problem. Explain why you believe the solutions will address the fundamental issues identified problem but also consider barriers to these solutions working as intended.  

Information recourse:

Using following theory:

· Taylor and Scientific Management

Theory X and Y of Workers

mechanistic organisation and the human relations perspectives

Critically Examining the Rank and Yank System

· EI

· Cognitive theories
– Vroom’s Expectancy Theory
– Locke & Latham’s Goal setting Theory
– Greenberg’s Equity/Justice Theories
– Content theories
– Maslow’s hierarchy of Needs
– Hertzberg’s theory X and Y
– Ryan & Deci’s Self-Determination Theory

· The 3 myths of teamwork
1. Harmonious teams are more productive
2. Bigger teams are better
3. Performance falls off in long-term teams

· Elements of Structure
1. Work specialisation (differentiation) – the degree to which tasks in an organisation are
divided into separate jobs.
– Division of labour
– Mintzberg’s horizontal specialisation of jobs: High horizontal work specialisation is where
an entire job (e.g. the building of a product or delivery of a service) is broken down into
steps and each is completed by a different person.
– In this case individuals specialise in doing parts, rather than the whole activity (eg
2. Departmentalisation (differentiation) – the basis on which jobs are grouped in order to
accomplish organisational goals.
– Every organisation will have its own unique way of classifying and grouping work
– Departments may vary by function (types of job), geography, product, process, customer.

· Organisational Configuration