Final Sequence Painting-

Create a sequence of
five 8″x8″ paintings.
Due Dates
Over the course of
your sequence the
compositions must
make shifts in both
posted in
color (hue and
forum by
value) and form, have
11:59 PM
at least one panel that
on June
transparency, and
must make a
transition between
geometric and
to planning
organic forms. The
shifts in form should
due by
be dramatic and
logical, such that
June 16th
each panel is
necessary for the

1st Rough
success of the overall
Draft Due
sequence so much
brought to
So, that if you were to
Compare the first and
June 17th
last panels you would
not believe them to

2nd Rough
be related.
posted to
Planning Sketches:
forum by
Should include
drawings of at least 3
on June
full sequences. While
the dravwings do not
need to be in color –
they should explain
Feedback in
the use of color and
forum by
how it vwill transition
11:59 PM
from panel to panel.
on June
You can do that by
making color
sketches or you could

Final Due
do that by coding your
on June by
forms similar to
8:30AM on
making a paint by
June 25th
number. I like to do
both. we will discuss
strategies for this in
our live session)

First Rough Draft:
All forms should be
penciled in on all panels, and painting
should be in progress on at least1 -2
panels. The idea should be communicated

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