Short Essay:

Recall a recent news story related to unethical behavior by a company. What were the effects of the ethical breach in terms of their reputation and profitability?

Consider the strengths and weaknesses of each of the three ethical decision-making approaches (utilitarian, rights, and justice). Is one of the three more appealing to you than the other two? Why or why not?

 Assume you found your dream job working for a company for which you have always wanted to work. Once you start, you find everyone works a lot of overtime and weekends. Do you think it is ethical for you to be expected to sacrifice your personal life in favor of working long hours and weekends? Why or why not?

Application Essay:

·        Do you believe someone can be trained to be more ethical? Why or why not?

Upload your assignment as an attachment in MS Word format using the Upload File function. 

·        You have 2 attempts– for the first one, submit your draft to review the TurnItIn Originality Report prior to the due date. TurnItIn Matching Index Score 20% or less for this course is acceptable. 

·        Respond to the four essay prompt(s) leveraging what you learned from Chapter 9.  Submission will be a minimum of at least 1200 words (approximately 5 pages of actual content, ex. Times New Roman font, double spaced, size 12) in APA style, with a cover page and reference page. Cover page and Reference are NOT included in the 5 page minimum.

·        1200 word requirement is to be proportionately distributed over the 4 essay prompts. (You are NOT writing 1200 words per essay question). *Some students may feel inclined to provide more support in order to adequately and freely respond to the prompt(s)… therefore feel free to exceed the minimum target if desired. 

·        Your overall document will be at least 7 pages total, inclusive of cover page and reference page. Your essay will be automatically submitted to TurnItIn so it can be checked for originality. 

·        While essay questions may be reflective in nature and equally may invoke your personal viewpoint, ensure that you utilize at least (4) references throughout your submission to support your viewpoint and/or position.

·        You must use level 1 and level 2 headings to organize your paper.  for examples. 

·        DO NOT E-MAIL Assignment TO YOUR PROFESSOR. 

·          – Everything you need to know in one place



 Download APA Sample Paper (Owl Purdue; actual paper with examples and highlighted explanations) 

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