Please review the attached RFP for instructions regarding the group project. The REQS document will give you detailed system requirements which you may consider incorporating into your prototype. 

The Board of Education of Baltimore County invites qualified firms to submit proposals for a student athlete registration system. Award Bidder shall provide a web-based solution to facilitate data entry and reporting. The requirements outlined herein are intended as an aid to acquaint Bidders with what could be required to execute the work on this contract. These specifications will serve as the source document for services for the term of the contract.

Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) ranks among the 25 largest school systems in the United States. The county covers 612 square miles in the north central part of Maryland, and combines urban, suburban and business regions with vast farmlands and waterfront areas. The school system reflects this diversity in the student population of over 113,000 students. For the 2018 – 2019 school year, BCPS will operate over 173 schools: 106 elementary schools (serving grades Pre-K – 5), 27 middle schools (serving grades 6 – 8) and 24 high schools (serving grades 9 – 12).


Projects will be scored based upon:

· your response to this RFP (requirements attached) – 40%

· effectiveness of presentation,  – 15%

· degree in which prototype addresses the problem – 35%

·  budget  – 10%


Proposal Requirements – submitted in Notebook

Section 1: Official Information

A: Request for Proposal

Section 2: Contractor Personnel

A: Titles and assigned duties of proposal team members

B: Resumes – (Should be in consistent formats, and skill set should match assigned role in the project)

Section 3: Technical Proposal

A. Preliminary Investigation

a. Understanding the Problem or Opportunity

b. Define the Project Scope & Constraints

c. Perform Fact Finding

d. Evaluate Feasibility

B. Objectives and Criteria for System Evaluation (Systems Requirements) – Chapter 4

a. Output

b. Input

c. Process

d. Performance

e. Control

C. Develop Logic Model (Chapter 5)

D. Present Development Strategy Alternatives – (Chapter 7)

E. Analysis of alternatives (Chapter 7)

a. Spreadsheet with weighted total to support results

F. Selection of Alternative

a. Narrative Justification

b. Hardware Proposed (including hardware schematic(s))

c. Software Proposed

d. Connectivity

e. Security Considerations

Section 4: Development Phase Management Plan

A. Development Team Personnel

a. Organization Chart

b. Position Descriptions

c. Salary Structure (list sources)

B. Conversion Plan

C. User/Operator Training Plan

D. Development, testing and implementation schedule

a. Gantt chart(s)

b. PERT/CPM chart(s)

Section 5: Prototype System Specifications:

A. System Narrative for each function

B. Develop Working Model

Section 6: Users Manual

A. Provide instructions for the use of the prototype system

Section 7: Prototype System Demonstration

A. Test Plan

B. Test data

C. Implementation failure contingency procedures

Section 8: Expended Effort

A. Listing and description of all team meetings

B. Hours expended by each individual on a weekly basis with monthly totals and grand totals for each person and the whole team

Section 9: Budget

A. Detailed Budget with Narrative

Section 10: Reports & Other Documentation

A. Copies of all reports/documentation submitted to the Technical Monitor (instructor) during the course of the proposal development period

B. Personnel Manual

C. Evaluation Matrix


LKO-421-19 Attachment D: Functional

Requirements Response Form

A. Communication Requirements

Req. No

Requirement Meets Does Not

Meet Response

A.1 The system shall support email or messaging functionality for Administrators, coaches and Parents/Guardians.

A.2 The system shall have the ability to generate notification letters, forms for parents.

A.3 The system shall include functionality to schedule Parents visits/appointments to Athlete Welcome Center.

A.4 The scheduling module shall provide options to accommodate walk-ins or unscheduled parent visits to the Athlete Center.

A.5 The system shall provide functionality to reschedule or delete a previously scheduled appointment.

B. Security Requirements

Req. No

Requirement Meets Does Not

Meet Response





B.5 The system shall provide the ability to hide links or components of the system based upon user rights.

C. User Management Requirements

Req. No

Requirement Meets Does Not

Meet Response

C.1 The system shall have the ability to support distinct roles and permissions, including but not limited to the following roles:

 Central Office Administrator

 Athlete Coaches

 School Administrator

 Athlete Director

 Volunteer Coaches

C.2 The system shall have the ability to allow and restrict access to specific functions based on the user roles and permissions.

C.3 The system shall require user management at the school system level (“district”) only; any self- enrollment options should be disabled.


The system shall provide automated and manual user role management functionality with the ability to:

 Create, Edit, Model, Delete User Accounts

 Create, Edit, Model, Delete User Roles

 Batch/Bulk Role and User Assignments

 Automatic Role Assignments


C.6 The system shall have the ability to automatically assign users to roles based on job titles.

C.7 The system shall have the ability to assign functions to specific user roles and/or profiles.

C.8 The system shall have the ability to grant different levels of permission to specific functions, to include:

 Inquiry/Read

 Update

 Delete

 All Functions


D. Training Requirements

Req. No

Requirement Meets Does Not

Meet Response

D.1 The vendor shall provide a proposed training schedule and plan, to include:

 Recommended Attendees (User Roles)

 Proposed Delivery Methods

 Proposed Training Topics

 Training Costs

D.2 The vendor shall provide an estimated number of training hours required for End Users to effectively utilize the software.

D.3 The vendor shall provide Administrator training to designated IT staff at a BCPS site

D.4 The vendor shall provide online training and support tutorials

D.5 The vendor shall provide editable electronic copies of all training and support materials

D.6 The vendor shall provide highly skilled trainers with documented credentials certifying the user as an expert in the selected system.

D.7 The vendor shall deliver train-the-trainer sessions to Subject Matter Experts and other designated staff at a school system site.

D.8 The vendor shall provide BCPS with a dedicated training environment.

E. System Integration & Performance Requirements

Req. No

Requirement Meets Does Not

Meet Response


Req. No

Requirement Meets Does Not

Meet Response




E.5 The system must have the ability to execute a variety of transactions and reports simultaneously without failure or degradation of performance.

E.6 The system must have the ability to support enrollments for 110,000+ students each school year.

E.7 The system must support a minimum of 250 concurrent users with consistent system response times and no noticeable degradation of performance.

E.8 The system must support multiple users working in the same school site and prevent system deadlocks, conflicts and erasure/overwriting of data.

E.9 System performance must be optimized to accept, process, retrieve and display information in a manner that is comparable to or better than current service levels. Benchmarks:

 Retrieve All Students in All Schools (no filters) – 18.8 seconds

 Retrieve All Students in All Schools with Last Name starting with ‘B’ – 13.2 seconds

 Retrieve All 11th graders in All Schools – 14.6 seconds

 Retrieve All Students in Cockeysville Middle School with First Name starting with ‘J’ – 2.8 seconds

 Transition Between Screens – Up to 1 seconds

 Open Report Parameter Page – Up to 4 seconds

Req. No

Requirement Meets Does Not

Meet Response

E.10 The system must be customizable, flexible and provide BCPS with the ability to:

 Create Custom Fields, Tables, User Interfaces and Reports

 Create Custom Ad Hoc Extracts

 Create and Manage Workflows

 Activate/Deactivate Fields, User Interfaces, Reports, Functions

E.11 The system must have an inactivity time-out feature and automatically log-out users after a pre-defined period of inactivity.

E.12 The system must allow BCPS IT Administrators to set inactivity time-out length.

E.13 The system must alert users when their time in the system will expire (e.g. 5 minutes warning).

E.14 The system must have the ability to track and audit specific tables and transactions.

E.15 The system must track the following information on user transactions, including but not limited to:

 User ID

 Creation Date/Time Stamp

 Last Modified Date/Time Stamp

E.16 The system must provide options for advanced audit tracking, including but not limited to:

 Recording previous values on specified fields

 Tracking all changes for specified transactions

E.17 The system must provide a mechanism for administrators to review audit history and details for specific transactions.

E.18 The system must provide select administrative users with the ability to amend, edit and/or delete erroneous records, with appropriate auditing.

E.19 The system must adhere to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA.


E.21 The vendor must provide unlimited licenses for development environments in a Cloud solution.

Req. No

Requirement Meets Does Not

Meet Response

E.23 The system shall utilize SQL Server 2012 or later.

E.25 The system shall have an interface that is optimized and responsive on common mobile devices, including devices that run iOS, Android and Windows.

E.27 The system shall provide the ability to search for and edit information and propagate the changes throughout the system.

F. Quality Assurance Requirements

Req. No

Requirement Meets Does Not

Meet Response



G. Implementation Support

Req. No

Requirement Meets Does Not

Meet Response

G.1 The vendor shall provide a dedicated Project Manager to work with the school system’s implementation team to develop the project, implementation, training, communication and evaluation plans and project schedule.

G.2 The vendor shall provide resources to perform needs assessment, gap analysis, document requirements an assist with quality assurance testing as needed.

G.3 The vendor shall provide a dedicated Development and QA Team resources for implementation.

G.4 Vendor staff assigned to the project must be dedicated to BCPS exclusively for initial implementation phase of the project.

G.5 BCPS reserves the right to review and approve assigned staff with the right to terminate. In case of termination, the vendor will provide replacement staff members within 15 days.

G.6 Vendor staff must adhere to BCPS data privacy and employee conduct policies.

Req. No

Requirement Meets Does Not

Meet Response

G.7 The vendor will provide a documented solutions delivery lifecycle process to include details related to:

 Business, Systems and Gap Analysis

 Development Methodology

 Testing/Quality Assurance

G.8 The vendor shall provide a documented enhancement review and prioritization process.

G.9 The vendor and the school system will determine the acceptance criteria for milestone and/or project completion and will use a combination of the school system’s IT Quality Assurance Review and User Acceptance Testing to determine when criteria has been met.

G.10 The vendor shall provide onsite implementation support.

G.11 The vendor shall provide school system IT Administrators with direct access to the vendor’s technical staff.

H. Maintenance & Support Requirements

Req. No

Requirement Meets Does Not

Meet Response

H.1 The vendor will respond to all support requests within 1 hour of request.

H.2 The vendor’s system will be available 99.9999% of the time.

H.3 The vendor shall provide BCPS with all scheduled outages on a quarterly basis and within 30 days of the first outage per quarter.

H.4 The vendor shall provide BCPS with an End User Support Plan and Service Level Agreement (SLA).

H.5 The vendor shall have the capability to perform frequent backups of the school system data and restore from backups.

H.6 The vendor shall provide school system IT administrators with direct access to the vendor’s technical staff.

H.7 The vendor shall provide a ticket or tracking number with a priority when issues are reported.

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