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Explain relationship between substance abuse and criminal behavior. Case Study is already on slides.  Add speaker notes to each one of my slide(dionne)

Substance-Related Disorders

Rebeckha Anderson

University of Phoenix


Dr. George Schreiner

July 18, 2022




Describe the general behavioral symptoms of the substance-related disorder that are present in the case study.

Explain the relationship between substance abuse and criminal behavior.

Describe general treatment interventions for the individual in the case study in the correctional setting.


Mala Case Study

Mala lived with her biological parents from birth until the age of 2 years. She was exposed to physical violence perpetrated by her mother toward her father. At the age of two, Mala’s mother left the family home and contact with her ceased. Her father remarried when Mala was 6 years old. Mala’s stepmother was the perpetrator of severe verbal and physical abuse as well as neglect. Mala was forced to obey stringent rules and routines including facing a certain way whilst eating, not averting her gaze, and eating large portions of food followed by days of not being provided with any food. If Mala expressed hunger or discontent, she was physically hit and forced to stand in the corner of the room for up to 6 hours at a time sometimes well into the early hours of the morning.

Mala Case Study cont.

Whilst her father did not directly engage in the abuse he did not protect or defend her. Ultimately Mala’s school teachers became concerned about her poor physical condition, she began stealing children’s lunches and it became apparent that she was not bathing regularly. The Department of Family and Community Services was alerted and attended Mala’s school to interview her. She was immediately removed from the home and placed in emergency foster care for 3 months before she and her younger sister moved in with her maternal aunt.

Mala’s symptoms of PTSD began after she moved in with her aunt. They progressively became worse, and Mala stopped attending school at age 13, the same age at which she first used alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.



(Dionne) Substance Abuse

(Dionne) Criminal Behavior


(Jamie) Conclusion


Reference cont.

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