1. Innovation is essential to an organization’s success. When evaluating an organization’s ability to manage technology and innovation, leaders and managers must be cognizant of (and realistic about!) the firm’s capabilities. However, measuring an organization’s capability to innovate can be challenging. The innovative capabilities audit can be a helpful framework when analyzing your organization’s capacity to innovate.

    In this assignment, you will audit an organization’s capability for innovation

    Research the innovative capabilities audit framework model. For a brief introduction to the model, review:

    • “” by Mike Pinder from Board of Innovation
    • “” by Lilibeth Rodríguez, Jessica Díaz, Juan Garbajosa, Jennifer Pérez, and Agustín Yagüe from IEEE Xplore
    • Select 1 organization to use for this assignment and complete an innovative capabilities audit for your selected organization.

      Create a 12- to 15-slide presentation with detailed speaker notes outlining how the innovative capabilities audit was applied to your selected organization. In your presentation:

    • Describe the selected organization. Considerations include the type of organization, products or services provided, employee demographics, primary competition, and/or significant business challenges.
    • Create a graphic depicting the innovative capabilities audit process for your selected organization.
    • Explain how the innovative capabilities audit was applied to your selected organization.
    • Analyze your selected organization’s innovative capabilities. Considerations include the company’s positive and negative attributes.
    • Recommend strategic leadership strategies to drive operational improvements to help improve the organization’s innovative capabilities.
    • Include a references slide.

      Cite a minimum of 3 scholarly, peer-reviewed sources or industry trade journals and your own experience to support your assertions. 

      Format any in-text citations and your reference list according to APA guidelines.

      Submit your assignment.


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