University of West Florida

Department of Social Work MSW Program
Personal Statement

Social work is a profession concerned with individual growth and social change. Social
workers communicate information in many ways, including writing. Your personal
statement is the only writing sample required as part of your application. It will be used to
assess your ability to write at the graduate level by addressing the topics in a cohesive,
integrated essay, as well as your readiness for graduate education. Your personal statement
should fully inform the committee about your view of yourself as a quality candidate for
professional education. Care should be taken in its preparation.

The narrative essay must be doubled-spaced, type written, and a maximum of three (3)
pages long. Please answer the following questions.

1. Within the broad concentrations of Clinical Practice or Policy, Planning and
Administration, discuss your current career interest and goal for your professional
work. What professional work would you want to be doing in the first five years
after your graduation with the MSW degree? What would you like to accomplish as
a professional social worker if you knew failure was impossible?

2. Describe your personal assets which you bring to the role of professional social work

student if you are admitted. Cover the areas of 1) personal strengths, 2) academic
strengths, 3) social network strengths, and 4) leadership strengths, 5) how you will
use your personal strengths, 6) your limitations as a professional social worker, 7)
what you would bring to department of social work, and the social work profession.

3. What experience have you had with oppressed populations (racial, ethnic, sexual

orientation, persons with disabilities, etc.)? How has that experience influenced you
and your decision to pursue a master in social work?