Part 1: Create a Policy Evaluation Tool

For this task, create a tool (i.e., an evaluation rubric, matrix or
comprehensive checklist) that can help assess an IT policy. The tool
should have an appropriate number of criteria and a scale on which to
evaluate each criterion. Then, prepare a report that contains the
following elements:

• Title of the Policy
• Objective of the Policy
• Expected improvements or controls to be mitigated by the Policy
• Policy Contents
• Stakeholders and users that need to observe the policy
• Evaluators and Approvers of the Policy
• Distribution and Communication
• User Awareness Sessions
• Revisions History

Part 2: Evaluate an Organization’s IT Policy

Conduct research on an organization of your choice. You can use
government or academic portals whose policies are available
online. Using the tool that you created in part 1 of this assignment,
research and evaluate the organization’s IT policy.

Then, create a report in which you summarize the following:

1. Provide a description of the organization that you chose, along
with the web address for the IT policy.

2. Describe the IT policy at a high level.
3. Present a chart depicting each criterion with its description and a

scale showing the requirements for each level in the scale of the
evaluation tool (in an appendix).

4. Create a narrative to explain the rationale for the criteria and
rating scale.

5. Use your tool to evaluate the IT policy and provide strengths and

6. Provide three recommendations to improve the IT policy.

7. Explain how this organization uses IT policy strategically.

Length: 4-5 pages, not including title page and references page or

References: Include a minimum of 3 scholarly resources.