Week 6 Discussion Forum: Counterarguments

Last week, you created a question about the topic for your W6 Rough Draft. For this discussion, you will give an answer to that question in the form of a thesis statement. “Dieting Makes People Fat”

Main Post:

  1. Share your thesis statement with your classmates. Please note: As with last week’s discussion, nothing here is set in stone. Be open to changing everything about your topic, including your position and audience, as you research it and get feedback from your classmates.

Topic + Position/Purpose + Supporting Points =Thesis Statement

Example: Suppose the question you posed in the Week 5 discussion was something like, “Should pit bull terriers be banned in my community?” After doing some preliminary research, you have concluded that pit bulls, if raised properly, are no more dangerous than other breeds of dogs. Your thesis statement can be something like, “Pitbulls should not be banned in Kansas City, MO, because X, Y, and Z.” (Fill in the letters with reasons that support your claim.)

  1. Next, list reasons why readers might disagree with your thesis statement. These points of disagreement are counterarguments.

Example: “Some readers might disagree because there have been actual instances of pit bulls attacking people, even children. Not all pit bulls are raised properly. Pit bulls have a natural, aggressive instinct.