This assignment requires you to do 5S for a process of your choice; my hope is that it will be somewhat fun to do, especially if you have never done a 5S event before. In lecture we discussed 5S should be completed by the folks who do the job and have some guidance/input from someone training them on it. If it is possible for you to do 5S this way (you be the facilitator/trainer) I definitely encourage you to considering trying it out, but it is not absolutely required.

Use the textbook (pgs 206-212), the lecture notes, and the “Jabil – 5S” attached to this assignment to guide you. You will choose what process/location you want to 5S. If you are currently working, you could do it with your company. You could do 5S for a location in your home if you do not have access to a workplace. You have free rein and should spend some time thinking about the best process/location you want to utilize for this assignment. Feel free to email me if you want to check if your idea for a process/location to 5s will be suitable or not.

As a final deliverable, you will need to submit a Word or PowerPoint document that contains all of the following information:

  1. What process/location you want to “5S” and why.
  2. Pictures and description of the current state.
  3. A process map or swimlane diagram of the current state.
  4. The actual 5S steps you take with documentation of what you are doing and why, and of course many many pictures along the way.
  5. The final result with a description and process map of the “new” process, and concluding remarks where you discuss results and how this “5Sed” process allows anyone to distinguish between normal and abnormal conditions at a glance , and how it resulted in a more efficient process.