All the info are in the attached doc. 

In this week’s discussion post, we’re going to focus on a small portion of the 2007 Zodiac documentary, focusing on applying geographic profiling to the cold case. In this clip, Dr. Rossmo describes the method, explaining it’s limits and benefits, and reveals results when applying the tool to the Zodiac case.

While you’re welcome to watch more of the Zodiac Killer Documentary clips to further develop your background in the case, this week’s discussion is based around Rossmo’s contribution, viewable 

here (Link to Zodiac Video) (Links to an external site.)


Watch the video and post a discussion in consideration of the following statements and questions:

Based on the information shared within Rossmo’s geographic profiling clip, consider when geographic profiling may be useful, and when it is less powerful.

· In the case of the zodiac killer, did the results point to the correct killer?

· What value does the methodology add to the investigation?

· Perform an internet search to identify another case that applied geographic profiling.

· What was the case about?

· How were geographic profiling methods implemented?

· Did the tool help to find a resolution?

· Include a link to your internet resource within your posted response.

Craft a response to the posted questions. (350 words is the minimum)