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This week, you compare and contrast two historical artifacts in a five-paragraph essay. Choose two songs, television shows, movies, books, magazines, or other historical items related to popular culture. Then, compare and contrast the two items. It is best if you choose two items from the internet so that your classmates can view them, too.

The artifacts should be two different items related to popular cultural history in the time period discussed in our textbook, but the items should not be too different. For example, you could choose a movie directed by Fritz Lang and a movie from the 1960’s. Or, you could choose a hit television show from the golden age of television and a show from the 1960’s. Perhaps you want to compare songs, novels, magazines, works of art, creative trends, or styles of architecture.  

Remember to select two items from the times mentioned in our readings and films this week. Of course, they should be significant historical artifacts; pick items worthy of our attention in a college class.

Start your posting with two APA-formatted references for the historical artifacts you have selected. You do not need to use hanging indents or double-space the references because that is too hard to do in Blackboard. However, you must include all of the available information about the resources that APA references require.

Then, have your five-paragraph essay. The first paragraph is your introduction. Of course, be sure to have a thesis sentence. Next, have a descriptive paragraph. Tell us about the two historical artifacts you are comparing. Your third paragraph should compare the two artifacts – how are they similar? Your fourth paragraph should contrast the two artifacts – how are they different?  Naturally, your fifth paragraph is your conclusion.

A tip: If you copy and paste your essay from into Blackboard, then it is easier for your classmates to access and you might get more replies. This is why it is better to copy and paste your main posting rather than attaching a file. 

The parts of your new discussion thread:

1. A subject line that describes your new thread.

2. Two APA-formatted references for your historical artifacts.

3. An introductory paragraph.

4. A descriptive paragraph.

5. A comparison paragraph.

6. A contrast paragraph.

7. A conclusion paragraph.