Answer in 75 words

• Healthcare Management

How is management theory utilized in the leadership of health care facilities? Among the various management theories presented in this unit, which theory do you believe will make the most sense in formulating your own health care leadership career? Why? Respond to your class members’ views.

.     American History

As noted in the lecture, Philosopher George Santayana notably said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Why do you think it might be important to understand and study history—especially keeping your professional/life goals in mind?

  • Business Policy and Strategy

Considering that some who study business may not become chief executive officers or work in upper management, why do you think strategic management should matter to all members and layers of an organization?

  • Production Management

Some say labor efficiency and productivity are the same thing. Others say that labor efficiency is doing the same with less, and productivity is doing more with the same. What do you think? Why?