Final Project/Exam

Over the last several weeks we have been studying about the story of art, including the important changes from one period to the next and the specific contributions of select artists. 

A local business owner, Mr. Z, who is an alumnus of Indiana Tech, has decided to purchase several pieces of 2-dimensional art work to hang in our school. However, he knows nothing about art since he never took an art class in school. His assistant has narrowed the choices down to three selections: 1) Cezanne’s Mountains in Provence (page 541); 2) Picasso’s Violin and grapes (page 575); and 3) Pollock’s One (page 603). Mr. Z is now asking you to choose one as your personal favorite.

You must then write a letter to him persuading him to purchase the choice you made. He requires at least 3 reasons that have detailed explanations as to why you think this is a good work of art. You reasons must be based the contributions that each artist has made to the overall story of art and the significance of the particular type of art, along with your personal reflections and taste as a student at Indiana Tech.


Your purpose is to persuade Mr. Z to pick the artwork you have chosen as one of the final artworks purchased for the school. Your letter will include an introduction, body, and conclusion.

· Introduction: A beginning paragraph stating your purpose for writing to Mr. Z. An example would be: As an experienced art student at Indiana Tech, I am prepared to explain my reasons for choosing, ” ______________” as a good choice for Indiana Tech based on the fact that…

· Body: Within the body there should be a separate paragraph for each topic. Since Mr. Z requires 3 reasons or more, there should be 3 more separate paragraphs. For example, if your first reason discusses color aspects, then that is all you should discuss. When you begin to talk about the contributions of the artist or the time period, you should start a new paragraph.

· Conclusion: In your last paragraph, you need to remind Mr. Z or your purpose, and then challenge him to do something (visit the class, call you for more information, purchase the painting, etc.).

· Audience: Since you are writing to Mr. Z, as a local business owner and alumnus of Indiana Tech, you need to remember to use tone and word choice that are appropriate for your audience.

· Style: Use your best grammar and sentence structure. Remember to use appropriate language for your audience and separate paragraphs for each topic.