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I. Introduction with Thesis Statement: The purpose of this essay is to inform you about the importance of training leaders in the military. There are natural-born leaders and those who are trained to lead. Some leaders have both qualities. These leaders gain more training and experience throughout their careers, sharpening their tools to become even better. II.

II. Topic 1: Training leaders starts with Basic training

III. A. Sub Topic 2 how basic training breaks the soldier down

IV. B. Sub Topic 2 what basic training instills in the soldier

V. C. Sub Topic 3 leadership roles given to soldiers III.

VI. Topic 2 building leaders through OCS/ ROTC

VII. A. Sub Topic 2 OCS breaks down soldier again, builds a leader

VIII. B. Sub Topic 2 weeding out bad leaders at OCS.

IX. C. Sub Topic 3 ROTC builds quality and leaders within college IV.

X. Topic 3 being a leader by understanding people around you

XI. A. Sub Topic 2 ROTC mixes real-world and military

XII. B. Sub Topic 2 basic training builds comradery with different backgrounds and ethnicities

XIII. C. Sub Topic 3 OCS builds you with other leaders

XIV. V. Conclusion with restatement of thesis: In conclusion, without training, leaders would be without some of the greatest tools and discipline in the field. The training taught by other leaders, whose knowledge was gained from firsthand experience, trial, and error is essential. The training integrates real-life and soldiers into one by breaking down negative walls before they can be built up and allowing for the soldier to be broken down before being built back up. This gives these new leaders the ability to adapt to any situation. It also gives them a diversified structure. By integrating the Army core values and building future leaders from the ground up, we are creating the best way to get the quality leaders that are needed in the Army today.