Unit VII Project


In this project, you will conduct your own research and then create and evaluate a health promotion program that targets one of the following issues:

  • tobacco use cessation,
  • type 2 diabetes,
  • increased physical activity (either childhood, adult, or elderly), or
  • early childhood nutrition.

Note: You may not choose an issue you focused on in any earlier assignment in this course. For example, if you chose tobacco abuse as the focus of your Unit II Case Study you may not select that issue again. After reviewing the resources in Unit VII Study Guide and conducting your own research, create and evaluate a health promotion program to address your chosen issue.

Your project must accomplish the following objectives:

  • Provide detailed background information on the issue selected. Include the imperative for this issue to be addressed from a community health perspective and clearly state the goal of the program.
  • Provide detailed information on how you will use each of the five major steps of programming (program planning) to create a community health intervention program.
  • Propose a minimum of three specific and realistic objectives for your health promotion program.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking by providing detailed information on how you will use each of the six steps of evaluation to evaluate your program.
  • Discuss the performance improvement approaches that are most relevant to your program.

Your project must be at least four pages in length, not counting the title or reference pages. You are required to use at least four sources, one of which may be your eTextbook, to support your project. All sources used must have citations and references in APA Style. APA formatting is otherwise not required.