Term Paper (50 points) Mgt 3240

You have been hired by a company to implement a human resources topic/program into the company. Your job is to find at least 5 outside sources of which at least 2 must be academic sources. You will also need to detail the costs and benefits of this program. You also need to describe how the company can implement this program. The topic should be specific. See examples below of possible topics. Topics such as “Training” or “Benefits” are much too large.

For a list of academic sources and good overall sources see the Appendix of your textbook. Your paper should contain the following components:

Executive summary: overview of your paper and importance of your topic 1 page Literature review: What do other authors write about your topic? What are the best practices of this topic 2-3 pagesImplementation plan: how will/can a company implement these best practices 2-3 pages Costs: What are the costs, both financial and nonfinancial of implementing or not implementing this program? 2-3 pages

Benefits: What are the benefits, both financial and non financial of implementing this program. 2-3 pagesConclusion: 1⁄2 pageReferences: 1 page

Title page: 1 page

You should submit your proposed topic to the instructor by week 5 for approval. Here are some possible topics. The options are vast.

Using job design to promote work flexibility Making use of contingent workersPreparing and using realistic job previews Using online applications

Implementing a succession plan Implementing ESOPsImplementing 360 Degree feedback system Electronic monitoring

See Term Paper Rubric for grading criteria.(ATTACHED BELOW)

  1. Describe the steps an employer should take when OSHA knocks on the door. (5 points).