TASK 1: You are a project manager for Move It Now trucking company. Your company

specializes in moving household goods across the city or across the country. Your project

involves upgrading the nationwide computer network for the company. Your lead engineer has

given you the following estimates for a critical path activity: 60 days most likely, 72 days

pessimistic, 48 days optimistic. What is the weighted average or expected value?

TASK 2: Using the table below, draw the network diagram. Do a forward and backward pass( table is attached in the below)

using the original estimates and find its critical path.

Task 3: Suppose you are working on any new construction project. Using Microsoft Excel,

develop a simple Gantt Chart for project planning. You can take example of any tasks for your

project along with the durations.

Note : Only tasks and durations should be part of Gantt Chart.Name of construction project

reference are required.