Select one of the skills necessary for success as a manager as described in Chapter 5. Then find a recorded presentation (like a TedTalk) intended to develop an individual’s leadership and management skills within an organization. Analyze the message and identify the medium and channel used to convey the message. Be sure to include a copy and/or active link to the message you have chosen. For the message you have chosen determine:

  1. General purpose of the message
  2. Specific purpose of the message
  3. Was the message well timed?
  4. Did the sender choose an appropriate medium and channel for the message (be sure to include why they did or didn’t)?
  5. Was the sender’s purpose realistic?
  6. What was your impression of the speaker?
  7. What mannerisms/behaviors made the speaker interesting to listen to? Or alternatively, painful to listen to?
  8. What are the major takeaways you have from this presentation? (i.e. if you were to give a presentation, what would you integrate into your own style?)