Read the scenario below and complete the assignment.

Presidential Aviation Scenario:

Presidential Aviation has provided charter flights to a wide array of customers, including business travelers worldwide. Thanks to the Presidential online booking system, business travelers can secure reliable quotes and book both domestic and international flights. Presidential has a sizable fleet of aircrafts, including jets (light, midsize, and large) and turboprops.

The company is known for its ability to cater to passengers’ every desire, including gourmet meals, special beverages, entertainment while in the air, and other luxury accommodations. Presidential also staffs a full-service VIP jet concierge program, similar to what major airlines offer.

Miguel Lopez is a salesperson for Presidential Aviation. He is currently planning an important first visit to Jorge Morales, a procurement officer at Regent Seven Seas Cruises. Company officials travel across the country a great deal in their work. Miguel would like to tell Jorge how Presidential can provide outstanding benefits to the Regent Seven Seas Cruises. Some of the special features for business travelers include the following:

  • Privacy – you have the entire aircraft to yourself and can travel with passengers you know and enjoy.
  • Comfort – including roomy leather seats, in-flight movies, a fully stocked bar, and gourmet meals that you choose.
  • Ease – no time-consuming check-in process. You drive right up to the plane, and your luggage goes from your car into the plane.
  • Point-to-point travel – there are no set schedules, you can fly when you want. Presidential uses 10 times more airports than commercial airlines, so you can fly from less congested airports closer to where you live.

Miguel will be making his first sales call and giving an initial presentation to Jorge.


Take on the role of Miguel.

Write a 700-1000 -word email to your boss to describe your approach to the initial sales call and the initial presentation.

Complete the following in your email:

  • Explain what kind of information you will gather about Jorge before the meeting.
  • Explain what kind of information you will gather about Regent Seven Seas Cruises before the meeting.
  • Summarize what sources you will use to gather the needed information.
  • Describe 3 methods of communication you plan to use in your initial sales presentation to Jorge.

If you use references please cite APA and use American based resources as this is based in America