Please take time to get to know your instructor and classmates, as well as making yourself familiar with our course topics, by completing the following:

  • Introduce yourself to your classmates and the instructor. State who you are, where you reside, and any other pertinent personal or professional information you wish to share.
  • Take a moment to review the weekly overviews in the left navigation bar of the online classroom and examine the major theoretical approaches that will be covered in the course.
  • Select one model of personality you are particularly interested in researching further, and explain why you are interested in learning more about this model. After your explanation also include the following:

    • Identify one of the major contributors for this model using your textbook as a guide.
    • Identify and describe one of the major theories associated with this model.
    • Describe how you think this model may be relevant in your current or future career pursuits.