For this Case Assignment we will focus on

  • The Employment-at-Will Doctrine
  • Progressive Discipline

After reviewing the background reading, prepare a paper in which you

Summarize the Employment-at-Will Doctrine and its exceptions (approximately ½ page), and answer the following questions:

  • Which of the exceptions to the Employment-at-Will Doctrine are most relevant to current HR practice and why?
  • What is Progressive Discipline?
  • Summarize the steps in Progressive Discipline and Progressive Discipline’s approach to employee discharge (approximately ½ page).
  • How do the concepts and practices of employment-at-will and progressive discipline impact an organization’s diversity?
  • How important are the employment-at-will doctrine and progressive discipline to realizing employee potential and maximizing organizational outcomes? Explain your answer.

Case Assignment Expectations

Bring in at least two valid and reliable high-quality peer-reviewed sources found in the Trident Online Library. These two high-quality sources are in addition to your provided course materials. (Be sure to cite sources within the text of your paper as well as list each in the Reference section.)

Your paper should be 3 to 4 pages (not including cover and reference page)