Letter to the Editor or a Legislator

We will explore individual behaviors at home and work that we might change in order to live more sustainably and with less impact upon the environment. This is an excellent way we can all take greater responsibility for our environment. Another means of doing this is to write a letter to someone influential or someone who can get your ideas out to lots of other people. Our final class discussion will be a letter that you write to a newspaper editor or to a legislator concerning an environmental issue related to one of the concepts we have covered in this course. Once you have selected your topic and target audience, formulate a rationale for a statement about the topic or proposed legislation. Keep the rationale of your argument grounded in evidence-based thinking—this is not an emotional appeal. (You are expected to cite and reference at least two credible or scholarly sources in your letter.)

Example topics may include: persuading others (in your community or industry) to adopt one of the sustainable practices we have discussed; a proposal for reducing pollution; writing an argument for or against a practice or piece of legislation being considered (at any level of government); or writing a letter of support (or criticism) about a particular group’s research or conservation efforts.

  1. Write a letter addressed to the editor of a newspaper or one of your legislators, expressing your opinion and persuading others to accept your ideas.
  2. Include references to at least two sources supporting your ideas

300 words

No APA Format

Citations and references required