Topic Selection

You will be tasked to complete a course project that will be due in Unit VII of the course. You will be working on the project over the next 6 units. Your first step in the process is selecting a topic. Below are some suggested topics, but you can also select a topic of your own choosing and contact the professor for approval.

Determinants of Health

Organization Structures in Health Care

Groups and Teams in Health Care

Recruiting and Retaining Health Care

Staff Leadership in Health Care

Motivating Health Care

Employees Managing Change in Health Care

Professionalism in Health Care

All of these topics relate in important ways to the strategic planning process for a health care facility. As you work on your project, be sure to describe the key factors and processes for conducting an environmental assessment in health care, and describe key steps in the strategic planning approach for a health care organization. This will help you to make the essential connections between your topic and strategic planning.

Provide a two-paragraph description summary of your course project topic and one paragraph on what you plan to study; these items combine to be at least one page in length.

You are required to use three outside sources (not counting the textbook) for the search on your topic for this project. Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment. APA formatting, however, is not necessary.