Field of study:

Business Management

Posts to discussion question prompts must include at least two cited references (textbook or an external source), be a minimum of 50 words in length (not including references), and demonstrate solid academic writing skills. Must include at least two cited references (textbook or an external source)

Research, copy, and paste a data set table related to your field of study that has more than three elements and three variables.  (To see an example, refer to Table 1.6 shown with Supplementary Exercise 2 in the Chapter 1 Review, which can be found in the Chapter 1 topic Resources in Cengage MindTap.) How many elements are in the data set you chose? How many variables are in the data set? Identify which variables are categorical (qualitative) or numerical (quantitative). What type of measurement scale is used for each of the variables? Please reference your source. Note: Even among experts, there is often spirited discussion regarding how to determine the appropriate measurement scale.,9.4%208%20Nvidia