Criminology Class

Does inequality in wealth, status, and power capture the entire picture? Is something missing? What might you add? What are the pros and cons of inequality?

Cohen (the middle class measuring rod) and Cloward and Ohlin (Delinquency and Opportunity) argue that inequality in the social structure creates subcultures where crime occurs.  Wolfgang (a subculture of violence) and Miller (focal concerns) argue that culture is created independently and evolves on its own separate from the inequalities of the social structure.  Argue both sides, then choose one and explain why.

Social Disorganization theory suggests there are deviant places and whoever occupies /lives in the space will have abnormally high levels of crime? Why would this be so? Is the space possessed or haunted? What might cause this?

1) In Saints and Sinners it is argued that they both undertake similar levels of deviance.  Argue that they are doing the same thing and being treated differently.  The argue they are doing different things and being treated differently should be expected.  Then pick a side and explain why you feel one argument is better than the other.

2) Making good kind of says that offenders change only when they are ready.  Do you think this is a change that can only be made personally?  Or do you think some form of intervention can create this change?

3) Make an argument for Electronic Labeling and an argument against.  Then explain whether you think electronic labeling is really occurring, if it can truly change a person without secondary responses, and whether secondary responses are even needed in our technological society.