Assignment Content

Imagine you are a local community leader and are bothered by problems facing individuals leaving prison and reentering your community. You do not feel your state or local community treats these individuals ethically and have decided to write a letter to your congressman requesting their support for changes that would more ethically support those individuals.

Select 1 common problem for justice-involved individuals from the following list:

  • Overcoming stigma of being incarcerated or being on probation
  • Seeking employment
  • Housing
  • Community support
  • Identify your community and the services in your community.
  • Describe your selected problem for your community.
  • Discuss how ethics should come into play when designing solutions for inmate issues.
  • Explain the ethical reasons for solving your selected problem.
  • Identify 1 innovative solution to your selected problem.
  • Describe the evidence-based research that supports the solution.
  • Compare the ethical implications of the current services provided versus if your solution is implemented for your selected problem.
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