Answer each of the following 3 long answer questions ( all answers need to be answers from provided material as well as answer it according to requirements mention below )


  1. Your answer for each question should be 250-400 words.
  2. Use at least one direct quote from a reading or film in your answer. Introduce the quote and include the page number or year of the video in brackets after the quote.
  3. Integrate the quote by explaining what it means in your own words, and then show how it answers the question.
  4. Write in paragraph form. Do include historical, political, or descriptive details of the thing you are writing about. Do not put multiple examples into one answer.
  5. Do your own work. Work that is similar to other students work will result in an interview with the instructor and a potential academic alert..

Question :-

  1. Explain Pierre Bourdieu’s concept of the “cultural field.” How is hockey organized as a white cultural field in Canada?  reading link- ( )  Lecture slides- )

2.)  What is a “gender binary.” Develop an example from the video “Toxic Masculinity in Canada” from week 7 (Proud Boys or Jordan Peterson).    video link-

3.) Explain either positivist OR Social Darwinist approaches to crime. Why does an anti-positivist reject this approach? (Chapter 9) CHAPTER-9 SLIDES LINK —-