Although it is often wages that make the headlines, non-wage issues can be significant factors in negotiations. Unions often have an agenda that includes many non-wage goals that support the rank and file. Issues such as the design of work or how work is performed on the floor can significantly affect employee satisfaction. Management on the other hand wants to preserve as much flexibility as possible. One of the areas of increasing interest is that of innovative work schedules. Flextime was, for many years, a significant tool used to increase worker satisfaction. Today with the advent of the Internet, the buzzword has become telecommuting where work is performed at home or an alternate location using the Internet. Discuss this week: How can a Union negotiate for better wages, safe work environment or benefits in today’s marketplace? Pick a current Union to use as an example and answer that question along with is the company making enough profit to meet the Union’s position? Is the rank and file better off today than they were yesterday? Economic issues need to be considered. Cite your findings.


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