You are a Human Resources Manager at Fly Eagles Fly, Inc., a company that makes custom sports jerseys for domesticated parrots.

Draft a 1 page memo to the CEO of the company addressing the following:

1. Describe a discrimination issue facing your workplace (you can focus on discrimination based on race, religion, ability, national origin, age, sex, etc.)

2. Propose a training session to address the problem. Be sure to detail:

  • Explain the purpose (routine/annual training, training conducted in response to a violation, etc.) and audience (executive leadership team, hiring managers, low-level managers, employees/staff, etc.) for the training
  • Include a description of the training
  • Include anticipated costs (time, etc.) and benefits (to the company, individual, etc.) of the training

Some sample memos can be found here:

**APA format is not required for this assignment but citations for any resources used should be provided.**