Writing Assignment 3

625 word minimum essay

  • Give a summary of how Freud impacted psychology. What were his contributions?
  • Describe the Id, Ego, and Super Ego.
  • Give three examples of someone using a defense mechanism that you have witnessed. Make sure to name the defense mechanisms being used.
  • List and describe the big five personality traits. Describe which traits you think you score higher on or lower on and why you think that. Feel free to find a free big five personality trait test online after you write this to test and see if you were correct.
  • Which assessment type do you believe to be the most superior and the weakest and why?
  • Describe what altruism is and argue whether you believe humans genuinely possess the ability to be altruistic.
  • Describe why some people would be more aggressive than others and is aggression always a bad trait?