Write a 2-3 (minimum of 2 full pages. Use a standard professional font – 12 point Times New Roman is best, 1-inch margins, double spaced, no extra spacing) reflection on the video, The Plague. Briefly summarize the contents of the video in about a page and then reflect for one to two pages. The reflection is open ended in nature. Pick something in the video that stood out to you and explain why and how it stood out. You should also connect the video to what we learn in class. (Please note, I have been showing this video since I started teaching college in 2013 – I never expected how relevant it might become. Can you take any lessons away from it to our current situation – I am writing this prompt in August – perhaps everything will be very different by the time this is due…)

You need not consult any additional sources. Watch the video in question and summarize the major points that the docudrama is making. Then, in broad terms, reflect on it. Explain what you learned, how it helped you solidify the class lecture, connect it to a different class you have taken or are taking, how the video’s style helped or hindered you, or any relevant reflection you have about it.

Remember you pick either this video or you can do The Crusades or Genghis Khan which have their own submission pages.

here is the video link