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The Workplace to answer this question is Restaurant or Cafe.

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Use your own word. The Workplace to answer this question is Restaurant or Cafe. Thank You.
Lead and Manage People Assessment Task 1 Short Answer Questions Describe the importance of each of the following tasks completed by supervisors and managers. Provide a specific example for each. Decision making Answer: Delegating tasks Answer: Monitoring staff Answer: Planning and organising Answer: For each of the following information, explain why it is important for supervisors and managers to provide this to staff. Organisation performance Answer: Changes in organisational policies Answer: Marketing information and targets Answer: Overall organisational objectives Answer: Plans for new equipment Answer: Rationale for management decisions Answer: Technology updates Answer: Training developments Answer: Explain the importance of the following in relation to being part of a work team. Adhering to policies and procedures Answer: Cooperative and open communication Answer: Understanding the nature and scope of work Answer: Forming relationships with others in the workplace and understanding interdependent areas of activity Answer: Understanding reporting requirements Answer: Explain how each of the following can assist in developing individuals at work. Change in job responsibilities Answer: External training and professional development Answer: Formal promotion Answer: Internal training and professional development Answer: Opportunity for greater autonomy or responsibility Answer: Describe the key features of the following leadership styles: Laissez-Faire Answer: Autocratic Answer: Democratic Answer: Describe three ways that open and supportive communication can be established in a workplace. Answer: Describe three characteristics of an effective leader. Answer: Outline three characteristics of effective teams. Answer: Explain three roles that a team member may assume within a team. Answer: 10. Explain three attributes needed of team members. Answer: 11. Explain two different ways that a team can be organised. Answer: 12. Outline three problems that can occur within a team. Answer: 13. Explain how motivation assists in the management of individuals and teams at work. Answer: 14. Identify two theories of motivation and how this applies to managing individuals and teams. Answer: 15. Explain how group dynamics can impact on successful team management. Answer: 16. Describe how each of the following recognition and rewards can assist with effective leadership of staff. Acknowledging individual good performance to the whole team Answer: Incentive initiatives Answer: Informal acknowledgement Answer: Presenting awards Answer: Written reports to management Answer: 17. Outline two types of organisational plans and the steps needed to plan each. Answer: