Topic: Current Financial Trends in Education

When certain areas are not covered in the budget or when a school budget falls short of funds, a current trend in schools today is having parents purchase school supplies, uniforms, and to pay fees for textbooks, clubs, and athletics. In today’s current educational environment, this is not an ideal situation and this requirement can be difficult for some families. Look into what your local policies are regarding families providing school supplies, textbooks, uniforms, club or athletic fees, or any other parent funded requirement and then answer the following questions:

  • How does your local school district handle this matter as it relates to fees, supplies, and textbooks for all families? Is there a distinction between socioeconomic classes?
  • Does your local school district make accommodations for families that cannot afford fees and supplies? If so, what are they? Are these accommodations confidential?
  • The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) calls for a free and appropriate education for children with disabilities. Should that apply to school supplies and other school fees? Does your school district offer funding assistance for supplies and activities for students with disabilities?
  • As a lead teacher, what policies and procedures would you implement in your school if you were to look at the current financial trends and wanted to ensure all students had the supplies and material necessary to be successful?