Step 1: Select a Social Computing / Social Commerce issue from the list below (or a related topic of your choice):

Consumer Privacy

Accurate Product Listing

Online Selling Laws

Financial Frauds

Counterfeit ProductsPosting and Texting Boundaries

Information Security

Intellectual Property Violations

Online Data Theft & Security

Best Practices & Social Responsibilities

Step 2: Research your Social Computing / Social Commerce topic in the context of related ethical issues, best practices, and/or social responsibilities. Gather as much information as you can to support the material you plan to present for each perspective. Your research paper should include the following:

    • Background information on issue
    • Positive & Negative Claims – discuss the various problems and/or challenges for each side
    • Evidence – provide actual examples from each side of the issue

Step 3: Reflect on your own thoughts and interpretation. Based on your research, give your recommendation for solving the issue.

Step 4: WRITTEN REPORT – 5 pages double spaced text plus Cover Page and References; use the attached APA Template

(See APA Research Tools-CSS Library link:

    • Cover Page
    • Introduction (abstract summary)
    • Background of Issue(explanation of Claims, Evidence, Best Practices, and/or Social Responsibilities)
    • Relationship to Course Concepts
    • Conclusion (recommendation)
    • References (5 minimum; must be research based, not simple blog postings or opinion websites)