Objectives: Review various leadership styles & theories Explain what Transformational Leadership is Evaluate your current school principal and yourself based upon the components of Transformational Leadership Prompt: Every leader has their own philosophy of leadership whether they see it or not. These philosophies are rooted in our beliefs about what we believe a leader is and how we decide to lead people. This week you read a lot about the various leadership theories with a special focus on Transformational Leadership. Utilize your experiences, the readings from the week and any further research you wish to conduct to complete the following: 1) Explain what you would catalog as the key elements that make someone a transformation leader. 2) Evaluate and critique your current principal’s leadership style – how well do they line up with the tenants of transformational leadership? What type of leader are they? 3) Evaluate and critique what type of leader you think you are – how well do you line up with the tenants of transformational leadership? What type of leader are you? Resources: 5 Different Types of Leadership Styles – Chron.com Leadership Styles – WSJ.com Leadership Theories – In Chronological Order Developing a Transformative School Vision (Research Article; SEA Resource) Six Leadership Styles Chart Specifics of Your Paper: Within your written piece be sure to: Thoroughly answer the prompt in 3-4 paragraphs You may write in first person Utilize the readings from this week to support your ideas You may conduct outside research as needed to integrate and support Provide proper APA in-text citations and reference section at the end of your paper Normal APA style (no abstract needed) Citations with matching reference list, cover page, running head, page numbers, double spaced Proof read for spelling, grammar and form